Hazard Gaming is pleased to to announce a new a pair of games are under development. Nimbus and das Sonnenrad are games about sacrifice and difficult personal choices set again a backdrop of the darkest days of World War two. They share similar themes but from two very different perspectives. Check out the latest details and get your hands on some playtest documents at nimbusrpg.com.


Forget politeness and good manners, there's no honor amongst thieves.

Designed to be picked up and played instantly, FAITH is a collaborative storytelling game for four players.

The solid set-up, wide open second act, and tight finale FAITH lets seasoned roleplayers get downright unsavoury and with few technical rules or overly complex structures, it's an ideal introduction to roleplaying.

Consistently producing engrossing tales through a flexible framework, FAITH remains infinitely replayable.

Welcome to Faith Population: You!



Find what else's going on by tuning into Penny Red.

You can also check out Hazard's first release: Victoria, a roleplaying game of suspense, action and intrigue set in an era characterized by breathtaking bravery and overwhelming hardship.

As imperialism and war carve lines across the globe, industrialization and scientific discovery leave their mark on every soul, from the cutthroats in the streets to Queen Victoria herself.

This is the world of Charles Darwin and Charles Babbage, steam power and workhouses, Florence Nightingale and Ada Lovelace, Stanley and Livingstone, Jekyll and Hyde, Holmes and Watson, the Charge of the Light Brigade, Charles Dickens and Jack the Ripper.