Victoria is a roleplaying game of suspense, action and intrigue set in an era characterized by breathtaking bravery and overwhelming hardship.

As imperialism and war carve lines across the globe, industrialization and scientific discovery leave their mark on every soul, from the cutthroats in the streets to Queen Victoria herself.

This is the world of Charles Darwin and Charles Babbage, steam power and workhouses, Florence Nightingale and Ada Lovelace, Stanley and Livingstone, Jekyll and Hyde, Holmes and Watson, the Charge of the Light Brigade, Charles Dickens and Jack the Ripper.

This is the world of Victoria


Torn between shadowy groups trying to control the destiny of the empire characters will have to choose a side or tempt fate by forging their own path. No matter which path they choose though, they will be in the thick of one of the most pivotal times in human history where their every action could have consequences that echo through history.

Based on the universal Hazard System, actions are resolved with two six-sided dice rolled either once for unopposed actions or three times for opposed actions. Add the numbers on the dice and compared it with the “main” of the skill related to a character’s proposed action.

Rolling one of the values that are part of your main means you have “rolled in” and are successful. If not, you have “rolled out” and have failed in your endeavors. There is, however, the possibility of spending a “plot point” or two to turn failure into success.

For example:
Sean's character Dave is not really a very stealthy chap but circumstances have dictated that it's up him to try pilfering the journal from a policeman's pocket.

His main for stealth is just 6—8: not great. Getting hold of the journal is a crucial step in the plan so Sean decides to spend a plot point on the roll. Spending a plot point stretches his main to 5—8. This means that he will now be successful on a roll of 5, 6, 7 or 8 on two six-sided dice. Grabbing two dice he rolls- a 4 and a 5, that's 9. Failure.

Sean decides to spend another plot point to purchase the 9, however, doing so after the roll has been made means his success will come at some kind of price.

It's a near thing but Dave grabs the Journal and makes for a side alley. Opening the journal he discovers the entry he's looking for, unfortunately a corner of one of the crucial pages has been torn off… It's a set-back but there's enough to go on for now. He'll have to acquire the missing information elsewhere.