Before continuing I want to make one thing absolutely clear: no reasonable person should entertain any argument excusing the abhorrent actions and policies of the Nazis. Das Sonnenrad is not a vehicle for perpetuating, even in fiction, the evil of Adolf Hitler.

Nimbus and Das Sonnenrad are games about the sacrifices made on our behalf by people we will never know. Both games are set against the backdrop of World War Two but I am very aware that these types of sacrifice are not restricted to wartime, nor to soldiers. Every day people give everything for the wellbeing of others. I'd like to think I'd do the same but hope I never have to find out.

Writing das Sonnenrad, came from imagining what I would have done if I were a German in 1945. How could you reconcile, hating Hitler and the Nazis for what they had done in the name of your country, with an all consuming desire to protect your loved ones from the Soviets?

It's naive to think all Germans were Nazis. Most German soldiers at this time must have suffered the same fears for the safety of their families as any of their British counterparts during the battle of Britain.

As to the game itself, one of the particular design goals I had when I started out was that at the end of each game the players would have created an “artifact of play”. The artifact in this instance being the game map. The players could take this away with them as a record and, in my dreams, show it to others familiar with the game so that could in turn “read” what happened. You’ll have to be the judge of whether that aspect of the design was successful.



das Sonnenrad