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I highly recommend FAITH – it is tight as a drum.
Jason Morningstar (Writer of Fiasco).


Forget politeness and good manners, there's no honor amongst thieves. Designed to be picked up and played instantly, FAITH is a collaborative storytelling game for four players. With no technical rules or overly complex structures, it's an ideal introduction to roleplaying. And with a solid set-up, wide open second act, and tight finale FAITH lets seasonsed roleplayers get downright unsavory.

Consistently producing engrossing tales through a flexible framework, FAITH remains infinitely replayable.

Welcome to Faith. Population: you!


FAITH is a collaborative storytelling game for four players inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino, particularly From Dusk Till Dawn and Reservoir Dogs.

Designed to play out in approximately three hours, it’s ideal for game nights, last-minute pick-up sessions, and convention slots.

Its minimalistic design also makes it an ideal introduction for people new to roleplaying.

Despite its overall simplicity, the solid set-up and tight finale, when coupled with a wide-open second act, mean FAITH not only consistently produces engrossing tales but is infinitely replayable.


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Victoria's first, numbered, print run with a full-colour cover is available now and shipping is available worldwide.

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As imperialism and war carve lines across the globe, industrialization and scientific discovery leave their mark on every soul, from the cutthroats in the streets to Queen Victoria herself.

This is the world of Charles Darwin and Charles Babbage, steam power and workhouses, Florence Nightingale and Ada Lovelace, Stanley and Livingstone, Jekyll and Hyde, Holmes and Watson, the Charge of the Light Brigade, Charles Dickens and Jack the Ripper.

This is the world of Victoria.

In the game players take on the roll of anything from a thief living by their wits in Bethnal Green’s deadly back alleys to a hero embroiled in the struggle between shadowy groups for control of the largest empire the world has ever known.

Victoria is a 219 page 8.5" × 11" book. The limited 100 copy, numbered first edition ships with a with a full-colour cover and greyscale interior where all illustrations are either period or original. The book contains a full sample adventure, fully worked examples of all elements of gameplay, ready to play character templates and examples of roleplaying in action.

Addressing the roleplaying experience from the complete novice to the seasoned veteran, Victoria contains enough period description, backstory and system depth to satisfy gamers of all kinds.

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