The Empire of Beril

What’s The Empire of Beril?

The Empire of Beril is a retro-clone-ish game that makes use of a lot of the Open Game License material released by TSR/WotC. As far as what you’ll find, the game play will be similar, mechanically, to the original Dungeons and Dragons. One minor difference is that there are also a few (6-ish) extra skills the characters can use and develop like spot. It’s not much of a difference and for most no difference to what they were already doing.

The fundamental difference is with the emphasis the game places on the foundations for the working of magic. Inspired by my love of Mage the Ascension I’ve made magic much more integral to the feel of the game. Rather than being a tool like a sword or a set of lock-picks, magic is a wonderous thing that requires not only description but also dedication.

That’s not to say that it’s more important or more powerful. Heck magic users, or mages as they’re called, and clerics have quite enough power already. It’s the way they go about working their magic that adds something to the game which, for maybe just me, was always lacking.

Who knows how long it’ll take to see the light of day. Maybe it will never even get into the wild.

It’s the journey, right?