In Development

This is the location for Hazard Gaming’s games that are currently still being worked on.

The playtest documents available here are “as is”. I can’t guarantee that they are the most recent version or even that they’ve been playtested at all. In fact, you could well be a pioneer bravely going where nobody has gone before!

In addition, there are some games here that may never go any further than the state you find them in. That’s okay. Sometimes it’s not just not meant to be.

 Art is never finished, only abandoned.

-Leonardo DaVinci



A pair of games about sacrifice, and the value of the individual versus the greater good. Set against the backdrop of World War Two, these twin games tell the story of individuals on both sides of the conflict confronted by world-changing events and harrowing decisions.



A game about confronting inner demons and viewing horrific events from the other side.


Right Now Farther From Home Than You’ve Ever Been…


Abide with me!

Fast falls the eventide.