Privacy Policy

Privacy on the internet is important. I’ve certainly had my share of spam over the years.

Hazard Gaming has no intention of adding to that spam. We’re not going to collect any of your information for the purposes of selling it or giving it away or anything. We might write you a personal email to confirm an order, but if we write a bulk email we’ll BCC everyone to stop your email address getting about the place.

There are some things we can’t control though and that’s cookies. We may eventually have some advertisements on the page related to content. The ones we put up personally will just be static i.e. they’ll show regardless of who is looking but some, perhaps from Google’s Adense, will target you based on the information you carry about the information superhighway.

You can minimize this sort of thing in lots of ways but I’m not an expert so you’ll have to dig around.

What this policy really all boils down to is that Hazard Gaming is not in the business of monetizing or manipulating your particulars we are, however, potentially going to include third parties like Google Adsense’s ads and these may make use of your personal cookie collection to better (from their standpoint) serve you ads.