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Hazard Gaming is a tiny little company found in the wilds of Canada (Edmonton to be exact) run by an Englishman, raised in New Zealand, by wild dogs. This page and attached blog contain information about what Hazard Gaming is up to as well as articles related to gaming and sometimes to other things.

If you’d like to know about how things came to this point you can check out my production blog where I chronicle the writing of the games interspersed with podcast episodes.

Because you might want to comment on posts from time to time you should have a look at my privacy policy.

There may be ads on the pages from time to time so you might want to read my disclosure statement.

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Right here I could put my email address and then deal with spambot messages. I could also include a form and then have to add a bunch of tricky stuff to foil “hackers” who inject code into forms. Or, I could have a mail link that opens your mail program, except not everyone has a dedicated one of them.

Instead of that I’m going to rely on your familiarity with email. My name is daniel, and you’ve made it to my website so just put those two together.