Hazard’s Gaming Redes

From time to time I write things that I like, but have no real place to put. Instead of hoarding them as “things to develop” I decided to produce a mini-zine that I email to subscribers. I called it Hazard’s Gaming Redes and it comes out on Fridays.

Redes has articles and resources for my games already in the wild (Victoria and FAITH), stuff related to games currently gestating, (Troopers, Eventide, and The Empire of Beril), as well as plenty of stuff not directly related to any of the above.

If that sounds like the sort of thing that might tickle your fancy, you could subscribe and learn first-hand what the fuss is all about.

Subscribe to Hazard’s Gaming Redes.


FAQ Did you misspell Reads?

No, redes is old-english for advice/advise but it also sounds like the mini-zine contains stuff you could read, which it does. Serendipity.